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ELF Provisional Work Programme

Deliverable & milestone date Activity Timing
Inception workshop - 21-22 February
Tools Training - 12-14 March
Menz assessment report (4),
May 15th
Inventory and balance sheet of feed resources March- early May
Synthesis report, SR feeding strategies (3), May 15th Desk study March-April
Synthesis Workshop, May 30 and 31
Database of feed prices, quality & vol (2.2), June 15th Literature search and field data April-early June
Reports of feed assessments of dairy, beef and sheep value chains (2.1), June 15th Training for, and field-testing of, VCA, market appraisal, FEAST and Techfit and reporting Training: early March;
Field-testing: mid March - late April;
Draft site reports: early May;
Synthesis reports: late May.
Synthesis reports on FEAST and Techfit tools (1), June 15th Field-testing and evaluation, and synthesis workshop Testing: early March-late May
Workshop: Late May-early June
Synthesis workshop report (5),
June 30th
Synthesis Workshop and reporting Late May/early June